What needs to pay attention to long-term water purifier without restarting-

For small holiday travel a long business trip and need friends, home water-purification equipment will always be ruthlessly consigned to limbo, at least twelve weeks, more than a year or so. Long-term water purifier is not used again when the filter has been used dry, leading to a sharp decline in water production, the user can cause serious health threat. So, how can long home after purification without using the correct way to re-enable it do? Enabled before steps 1, wash water purifier is not used more than three days, you need to rinse 3-5 minutes, using no more than ten days, need to wash more than 20 minutes. This role is to clean the inside residual water, otherwise the water purifier is likely to have a smell. 2, when the water purifier clean outfall reused need to open the discharge port, the inside of the sediment, rust removing, or clogging of the water purifier, or no water, the water smell. 3, if long downtime, it is recommended to replace the filter for a long time do not use a water filter (such as three months or even longer), the filter will lead to the loss of filtering water purifier case of failure. So we must first clean the filter water purifier, after cleaning test whether there is water purification effect, if you still do not need to replace the filter. 4, open sewage outfall discharged sediment, rust and other impurities household water purification long time out before re-use, we need to first open the outfall, the sediment, rust excluded to avoid water filter blockage, no water or smelly water. US water purification Bangdeng Tips: environmental conditions and water quality of each use of water purifiers, are not the same, so when the water purifier has encountered a problem difficult to solve or to consult a professional installers, or call sale service to resolve.