I have the intention to join Amway water purifier okay-

Amway water purifier has been developing very well in the industry, I would like to join Amway water purifier okay? Join Amway water purifier have anything to ask? Join Amway water purifier need to invest much money? Amway water purifier products are mainly engaged in what? Amway water purifier business model is like? Friends who are interested can take a look! (Source: beneficial source of clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier to join Amway Brand origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong Brand Founded: 2000 trademark registration number: For the crowd: self-employed business model: Agent development model: Distribution business products / services: central water purifier to join / Acting regional: National (source: beneficial source of clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifiers to join Amway What a good brand management capacity requirements, our identity 2 philosophy, have long-term experience in brand awareness 3, there is enough money and confidence to ensure the completion of the company to develop the basic sales tasks 4, build in line with our standard image of the store, have the basic foundation established distribution network 5, with a certain business management and team-building experience 6, good service control capabilities, independent of the installation team, timely and proper handling of customer complaints 7, with the regional industry product marketing experience, preferably with experience in sales of similar products 8, has a certain professional market, operational management experience and familiar with the relevant market and in possession of material advantages 9, have a good business reputation, professionalism and personal reputation above information is for reference only, predictable source of beneficial conditions for joining please purifier Feedback or to inquire (source: beneficial source of clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier Amway joining fee Initial fee: Negotiable Description: franchisees pay royalties to the manufacturers brand brand equity margin: Negotiable Description: the credibility of the headquarters to ensure that no illegal refundable purchase the first batch of gold: Negotiable Description: the two sides expressed sincere cooperation by reading the above, I believe you have information on the Amway water purifier to join a certain understanding, for more information, welcome access to corporate official website or contact us!