Making determined efforts to temper forward LAMO 2018 sales meeting a complete success


January 6 to 8, Ningbo Lamo Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. National Sales Meeting was held in the new pump is located in Cixi, Zhejiang Industrial Park LAMO new production base. This is a summary of the annual General Assembly, it has been set up from LAMO continuation of more than twenty years. The meeting aims to summarize the experience and lessons of 2017 annual analysis of existing regional problems and deficiencies, sort out the priorities and direction of the next phase of the operation, to develop practical policies to the product as a fundamental, market oriented and improve the existing service infrastructure at the same time introduce new, innovative use of the internet platform to strengthen the promotion and development of the brand, to achieve the 2018 sales goal of preparing for war.

three-day meeting, Ms. Zhao Mei, general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang Zhiqing, deputy general manager of marketing sales manager recalled to lead the provinces in 2017 the company achieved the outcomes, opportunities and challenges 2018 will have to face, combined with the current industry and market trends, the company planning the development of strategies and direction of the new year.

Butterfly cocoon, still talk about changes, sales plan summary article

At the beginning of the meeting with a speech by the Sam, for the past year fighting in the business teams across the country to express my heartfelt greetings and sincere thanks, fully affirmed the water purification marketing center in 2017, all the staff for their hard sweat and achievements, and work the problems and difficulties gave Reviews and advice, at the same time, put forward the prospects for the new year. From the sense of strengthening the dealer, raised a number of aspects of the development status census dealers and other comments and suggestions and hope for the sprint annual objectives and tasks, to find practical and effective implementation measures.

Sam was outstanding performers awarded honorary certificates

Subsequently, Zhang at the meeting the participants the regional manager hard to pay to acknowledge and thank, and to encourage people to learn to persevere all good people, with emphasis on LAMO talent for outstanding performance, the performance of qualified graduates promoted the use of priority. Meanwhile incentive LAMO elites, on the future path of courage, embrace change, to seize the opportunity and rapid execution, wind and waves.

In the next meeting, the provinces are to achieve sales manager from sales, customer serviceEstablish service system, team building, the end consumer promotional activities and other sections are summarized and planning. Harvesting and achievements, deficiencies and improvements, emotion and experience, show no doubt in one report. It has said LAMO its good quality, good value product characteristics and color care brand feelings get the majority of dealers and end users of hot pursuit, given the brand and the company great strength. But the market changes rapidly changing, competitive brands to follow suit to imitate, escalating consumer demand change, only change and innovation in order to remain invincible.

respectively in the regional manager to do the debriefing report

provinces to promote market development manager, service at the meeting actively explore aspects of the conduct, ideas, innovation. Zhang a comprehensive review of precise, detailed analysis of the whole operation in the Area, problems, guiding the team from the "build brand, expand the idea; weight system, fight" work deployment and so on. Zhang said the key to the future lies in waves wooden wins endogenous growth restructuring and innovation, and focus on the brand, digital, cooperatives, public adhere to the four aspects to promote the brand LAMO innovation and upgrading. Achieve win-win situation in the new ideas, new products, new approaches, new mechanisms, caring feelings!

Zhang always do a comprehensive review of the accuracy of every regional manager

The conference-depth analysis of the sales task LAMO each sales region, defined the overall goal of 2018, inspired here all sales regions staff morale, but also strengthened the confidence of the whole team forward. Participants in each sales area managers said it would go all out to seize every opportunity to snatch the market, the 2018 sprint overall goal.

marketing manager to introduce the overall goal LAMO market, stand in the perspective of corporate brand building, to differentiate positioning to build the core competitiveness of the brand LAMO force. While the 2018 branding program to do elaborate, increase the amount of advertising professional media, strengthening the new media, media self-development efforts, improve the new data information system construction, the formation of customer share + guide + online stores as the main propagation LAMO ecosystem of stereoscopic 3D mode. Market demand, the introduction of a variety of terminal activity program for water purifier company category. These partiesCase 2018 will be rolled out across the country, I believe will promote LAMO brand into a strong market momentum, driven by a new round of water purifier sales frenzy!

the cornerstone of career, still talk about products, factory quality articles

In many cases, the key to the success of the market and product quality are inseparable. Indeed, in this age of the Internet +, good ideas, brilliant marketing idea really set off a wave of cutting-edge fashion for the entire commercial market. However, in the dispute over the major brands of foam, back to basics, what is recognized by consumers? Where is the cornerstone of the brand again? Nothing wrong, the product itself contains some strong vitality is the foundation of the brand's survival.

Kim Yong water product manager is doing the new training

than twenty years, LAMO commitment to technology innovation of high-end products net drinking water, always tilt force independent research and development, product passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, health permits, the national 3C certification, CQC certification and a series of certification authority in the international market passed the ETL, SAA, CB, CE and other product certification, and won the "Festival water Star, "" channel trusted brand "and other honorary titles within a number of industries. In the past few years, LAMO constantly upgrading the production process, the introduction of advanced production equipment industry, a comprehensive upgrade process. 2018, the company based on "upgrading" strategy, the introduction of advanced production lines and equipment net of drinking water machine, spare parts, computer detection system, and expand R & D personnel, in line with consumer demand for the center, "customer first, quality this "principle, the basis has the top production base, clean production workshop, automated production equipment, intelligent production line, the attention to detail research and development.

expertise is independent changer one of the criteria assessment LAMO regional manager capacity

the new plant once again witnessed the wave of the wood's strength and ability to foresee the development trend of the market. In the future, the brand will LAMO closer to the market demands a greater extent to meet the needs of the end consumer, in order to further enhance the high cost Chinese consumers a better, safer, and moreComprehensive drinking experience!

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2018 LAMO, is bound to be an extraordinary year, is the future of the year, we will usher in a new opportunities and greater challenges, we will also clear objectives, steadfast in the struggle forward, with extraordinary wisdom, indomitable spirit, go all out.

At this point, three-day meeting on January 8 adjourned the face of new 2018, running waves wooden men with vision, passion, and we will temper front row, row practice words! Up and down with the desire to win, let us use the wisdom and courage, head forward, as LAMO better enjoy the release of their energy tomorrow!