Dong Mingzhu appliances sizzling live again with a cargo


to live with goods, household appliances industry this year is "Some have questioned some favor." In fact, for manufacturers, in the future to have an attitude: No matter black, white, it catches mice, it is to be!

one after renewed wave. After shaking sound broadcast platform debut, recently Gree "Master" Dong Mingzhu again by deft live with a cargo platform, and an event created a turnover of 310 million yuan achievements. After this let Gree tasted the sweetness, but also aroused the Dong Mingzhu open to the idea of ??"Dong Mingzhu live among", as well as the live event has been planning to go on.

for the home appliance industry, "Live with goods", gave birth to the end of last year, there has been net red Li Jiaqi, Silvia had for a number of cases with a cargo of home appliances, then this year February after the Spring Festival, because the line shut down the store began to rise, Midea, Haier and other household electrical appliance enterprises as well as home appliances Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other retailers, the industry nearly a week live event field size, rapid sizzling in the home appliance market "live with a cargo of" this new model.

However, so far around the "Live with goods" home appliance circle noted that there are two distinct voices on the market: one kind of opposition, bearish, mainly from the home appliance industry dealers and market watchers, media people; they are generally considered "live with a cargo" is worthless, manufacturers fucks, certainly no big deal. If the industry is so engaging, but also home appliances store doing? He says looks like a lot of sense.

Another buried dry, hard work camp, mainly because some appliance industry leader and businesses, as well as the chance to see the manufacturers point. They do not live with the goods concerned there is no future, but concerned about how the various online retail shop with goods through online live next to the line, how to live with a cargo lifting effect on the content, tools, how to make small appliances can fit live with goods, how product experience, product price, brand open up other business details perfect. To do so, it is no fault. After all, for manufacturers, shipping is king.

the face of a series of voices of doubt in the market, even a large number of negative opinions and attitudes, some manufacturers has not wavered, but rather to promote "live with the goods in accordance with established pace "landing and detonated. The most representative is the United States, Haier two companies.Not just configure the professional team and the live system, to explore means live sellers, content diversity, improve the user experience of live with a cargo; also active joint cooperation with retailers online and offline, not just sellers is also promoting products and technology; In addition, through a live network red Overheating, Silvia, Li Jiaqi and other cooperation of people, even now invited include Lee, Yang Lan, Zhang Yu Jian, Pang Bo, Wu Min Xia and other sports and entertainment stars of the goods in a live band.

In addition, the household electrical appliance enterprises Midea, Hisense and other leading live with a cargo, but also for the circle of landing. Some home improvement companies with cross-border, cross-border and home some companies, catering companies as well as cross-border cooperation, in order to identify the target user, launch the scenes of products and solutions for users to bring more vivid, concrete solution. Not just sell a product, but also led to frequent the circle of brand and technology.

to live with a cargo of cognitive processes, the most typical is Dong Mingzhu. Earlier this year, the Dong Mingzhu Finance in an interview with CCTV interview, live with a cargo is a new model, we all go in this direction, the Gree still insist on doing the next line, as the epidemic better, the line or to have it done . After April, Dong Mingzhu vibrato platform in the first live show, though suffered a live Caton, but the sound from all walks of life has certainly given a lot of sound.

into the May deft Dong Mingzhu again to live with a cargo platform, and created more than 300 million shipments, it also allows for live Dong Mingzhu new awareness: 30,000 Gree line a number of dealers, I want them to combine online and offline. I would be made a start for them Pathfinder, gradually experience the feeling of line. Next will be opened Dong Mingzhu studio, will go out live forever.

In fact, through a series of Dong Mingzhu to live with a cargo of view changes, we can clearly find: For all appliances practitioners, the face of new things, new technologies, new category, best attitude is learning, understanding and acceptance; the best way is to actively participate, dare to try; most sensible option is to do more talk less, only do not say.

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