Focuses on the daily maintenance of water purifiers and avoid direct scrub brush_1


After the water purifier is not purchased, after installation on the can. But also from time to time inspection and maintenance, replacement, clean the filter, so as to ensure the quality of purification. Filter is the core components of water purifier, the filter is to ensure the maintenance of good water purifier purifying effect. Weekdays, To water purification filters cleaned regularly.


First, note that the cleaning water purifier, to grasp the correct cleaning method of a water purifier, a water purifier is generally placed in a clean pots, filtered core Unscrew down, after opening the upper dome, there are two layers of nonwoven cloth, with a new toothbrush brush clean gently on the water, the lower layer (the layer that had a lot of stones) have downward plastic cap is unscrewed, there there are also two non-woven cloth and sand, each brush clean gently on the water, into the water and then shaking the filter element and down a few times, and finally each one of the water purifier are water rinse, press like the original installation? can. Some will be cleaned once every month or so.

Second, the timely replacement of the filter, replace the water purifier filter long time in talking about the different types of water purification products for the filter replacement cycle is, after all, different filter life there are still differences.

Third, avoid direct sunlight, blue floating Seoul technicians also pointed out that any water purification equipment, use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed blue algae. Technical staff to remind the public to be on the water purifier properly protected, if must be placed balcony may have direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier, which will play the anti-algae effect.

Fourth, avoid high temperature heat near the original body? Such as gas stoves, water heaters, etc., if the long-term by high temperature baking, plastic parts easily focus away slowly, affecting life.

A, clean and disinfect the water purifier;

B, test tuning controller;

C, replacing the activated carbon, KDF KDF filter updating and maintenance of the reactor apparatus and magnetizer ;

D, replacing all the ring during connection and disconnection;