Every drop of water purifier to restore health to let nature around you


With economic development, industrial progress, human beings continue to waste water or sewage containing heavy metals discharged into the river. Water, reeking stench; water, adding a lot of bleach; bottled water, dates are fictitious, sinister barrel are coming out ??????, and water purifier appear as almost solved the problem with this system

净水器还原每一滴水的本质 让健康伴你左右

Article:! secondary solve water pollution

daily life, most people think of boiling water can kill all the bacteria dead, drink this water is very safe, in fact, this is a wrong point of view. "Nani? Do not even drink the water?" In some cases, the long-distance transport of water through the pipe, vulnerable to secondary pollution, contains sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria corpses and other issues.

Therefore, people used to boil water for drinking, but this does not completely eliminate these harmful substances. Instead likely to do the "bad things" to increase the concentration of harmful substances, and the water boiled, not softened water hardness, very easy to form a large scale, reducing the oxygen content is not conducive to human metabolism.

净水器还原每一滴水的本质 让健康伴你左右

Article II:? The best choice for an alternative bottled water

tap water is not the ideal solution for drinking water, bottled water is actually bottled water it wants to do most of them large with tap water purifier or machined, there is little available natural well water; simultaneously bottled water storage time is short, perishable, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, may be contaminated air pollutants and therefore not the ideal solution for drinking water. !

water purifier, to restore the essence of every drop of water, so healthy right where you are

Article III: to achieve the standard drink, low cost

Speaking of which many people will ask, so high-end and healthy water is very expensive now it is not an analogy:?! bucket of high-quality bottled water price of around $ 15, while water purification system may be less than a bucket of water 5 cents, bottled water is one of three very, vegetables and cooking-stop drinking. Of course there are cheaper bottled water, there are also cheaper 5 dollars a barrel, but so cheap bottled water you Ganhe it?

净水器还原每一滴水的本质 让健康伴你左右

However, the water purifier filter should be changed regularly know?

a lot of little friends puzzle over why, in fact, each cartridge adsorption and purification capacityThere is saturation. Good filter, it is not only deployed large, and the thickness is large, the natural strong adsorption capacity. Saturated adsorption filter must be replaced in order to ensure water quality. The cartridge is a consumable, just as refills, run out need to be replaced.

water purifier filter replacement is essential, but there are still many users do not often water purifier for the core, as to why not for the core, nothing less than these three reasons, if the user water purifier there are three ideas, best corrected.

净水器还原每一滴水的本质 让健康伴你左右

First, think of yourself businesses continue to frequent replacement of water purification filters must be profitable.

Second, consider the normal water purifier can be used normally, with a good core of why want to change?

Third, consider replacing the cartridge price is too high, can not accept, can save on the province, can not change will not change.

consumers in these cases probably do not realize the importance of regular filter replacement. Regular replacement of saturated water purifier filter, not only can continue to enjoy a higher quality of drinking water, reducing secondary pollution hazards, but also to reduce waste any more money, so that the water purifier longer life.

According to incomplete statistics, a water filter cartridge and one can intercept a large amount of rust mg, organic matter, sediment impurities, about 4 mg of lead and the like. These organic compounds and heavy metal ions in drinking within a year into the body, and then gradually accumulate each year, it is conceivable there will be much harm to human body. So install a water purifier, not only to drink, taste good, but can escort to escort the family's health! Why not?