How to choose high-quality water purifiers - M give you a few tips


water pollution today, drinking water health issues become very important. Therefore, many families choose to install a home water purifier, so as to ensure the health and safety of drinking water. Water purification products on the market varied, how to choose a water purifier will become a consumer headache.

by the now well-known brand of water purifier - - M to introduce to you, how to choose a water purifier it


What is a water purifier

[!? 123], also known as water purification water purification, purification by membrane filtration First considering system, activated carbon, carbon rods, the RO membrane, adsorption layers of the filter cartridge activity rods. The tap water (well water) impurities, rust, bacteria, and other substances removed alkyl chloride, and to improve the taste of water.

to buy a water purifier ideal and practical, the following aspects should be considered:

First, if there is health permits this document.

When the user to buy a water purifier, make sure that the brand product to obtain health permits higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with the national "drinking water quality standards."

109104520 Second, the use of the water purifier recognize target.

When the optional water purifier, we must first understand their use is optional drinking water or domestic water, domestic water in general, select the home whole house water purification i.e., central water filtering device. Whole house water purification system is preferably in the decoration during pre-discharge tube. Whole house water purification to take into account not only the amount of water, the most important thing is to see water quality, which dirt and harmful substances can be filtered out. Drinking water is not to advance to the pre-discharge requirements.

Third, the water purification process understand the effect.

Current conventional water purification process is filtration techniques through the main filter, the water can effectively remove impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, the water is pure water, water taste Qinglie, i.e., pure water function; long body and children need to retain the beneficial agent in water, the general function may be used nanofiltration; PP cotton fine filter is generally a filter of the ceramic filter, to remove colloids and other harmful substances in water.

Fourth, whether they have a sound service system.

water purifier market is many brands, consumers in the purchase should water is preferred brands more secure. Water purifier sale mainly in filter replacement,Select water filter must choose the brand has a perfect after-sales service, for example. Water purifier installation service, on-site testing, installation, replace the filter convenience, these are related to the vital interests of consumers to purchase and use the water purifier.

u=1493216894,3654362515&fm=27&gp=0 Fifth, a different structure purifier, purification effect is different.

1, a simple water purifier filter structure, main activated carbon, filtered limited capacity, can only use as a coarse filter, the filter is preferably heated to boil water to drink.

2, multi-stage water purifier filter. Such water purifier has two coarse filter and a fine filter set, and a multi-hollow fiber fine filter cartridge, a filtered water drinkable.

3, UF ultrafiltration nanofiltration water purifier, a multi-stage pre-filtration and ultrafiltration membrane composition, can be trapped most of the bacteria, harmful substances, is the most commonly used drinking water net means water.

4, RO reverse osmosis water, process water purification effect is rural water and groundwater ideal water purification products. Filtered water free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, minerals and heterochromatic odor, is a pure water to drink without heating.

20161018_AFBACBB95465E68D288C3C5D76381C4C VI, the optional water purifier according to their own quality.

High (a) the quality of water hardness northern China, southern water calcium limestone area, higher content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, should be advanced with an optional purifier ion exchange resin filter cartridge;

(b) urban and chlorinated tap water, many organic content, odor heavy Leis, activated carbon can be selected more amount of household water purifiers;

(c) water quality, the more turbid when water purification, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of the water purifier; severe

(iv) contamination of water required to completely filter out bacteria, viruses, heterochromatic odor, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities, regardless required to retain minerals should buy RO reverse osmosis water machine, generally adapted to the rural areas. Severe requirements completely filter out any impurities in the water, without heating direct consumption, should buy reverse osmosis water.

0847473194721 Seven, choose water purifier some basic principles:

1, the higher cost of water purification products: good quality products, stable performance; use more convenient; maintenance costs and operating costs thanLow; strong expertise and good after-sales service.

2, selection of domestic water softener products, drinking water contains a certain selected water hardness (140mg / L - 200mg / L).

3, water hardness is the best choice in the composite ultrafiltration 170mg / L or less regions.

4, water hardness 170mg / L-250mg within / L shower areas, washing water is best to use soft water, drinking water is preferably selected composite ultrafiltration water.

5, the hardness of the water in the shower area 250mg / L or more, the best selection of washing water softener, selected portions of drinking water demineralised water (demineralized water and not demineralized water are mixed in a certain proportion) complex through an ultrafiltration unit ultrafiltration filtered water.

6, high fluorine-containing water, high salinity, sulfur area by pure water as drinking water, and trace element supplement.

7, ground water or sand and heavy rust area, precision filter mounted in the summary table is recommended before.

Eight, choose water purifier four common errors:

Misunderstanding: Product filter better.

Myth: Look brand is not considered professional.

Myth: activated carbon filter technology obsolete.

Myth: filter may not change for a long time.

1475054556543 - M believes, water purifier as the last line of defense to protect family safe water, consumers need to know in advance to buy water purifier items, to avoid blindly follow the trend and buy for ideal buy water purifiers have some help.

In short, as long as the master above water purifier buying tips, most consumers can truly find their own needs, their own water purifier.

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