Features water purifier principle and the need to understand water purifier


water purifier really work? It's a lot of people before you buy water purifiers most puzzled questions. Water purifier market in my country grew relatively rapidly, while in developed European countries, water purifier has been widely popular. Today, small series to find out more about the principle and function of water purifier.


principle and the principle of water purifier water purifier Features understanding of the necessity (Photo from Internet)

First, water purifiers work


of the water purifier through various filters (e.g. PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane) purifying the aqueous layers, the purpose of removing impurities. PP cotton filter by a tap, granular activated carbon filter, PP cotton filter, a reverse osmosis filter and post carbon filter to remove other substances sediment, rust, colloid, bacteria, suspended solids and the like.

Second, remove chlorine to improve water quality

is the largest use of water purification water purification, purification by adsorption of activated carbon, KDF filter out tap water suspended solids, bacteria , rust, algae, microorganisms and other impurities, so that the daily drinking water becomes pure; water purifier can also filter out the residual chlorine in tap water, filtered water to drink more healthy.

Third, the need for a water purifier

are substantially city water from the mains tap After chlorine disinfection, can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, viruses and bacteria and the bodies still exist, tap water after chlorine virus, there is still residual chlorine present in the water. According to World Health Organization (WHO) studies show that the most effective way is to install a water purifier in household water terminal, the depth of water purification in the terminal part, thus avoiding secondary pollution of water hazards to health formation.

directly purifier water purification, removal of residual chlorine in water, which is the first step to improve the quality of household drinking water. In a complete water treatment system, further comprising a water softener, and other equipment straight drink, functional soft water life will remove calcium and magnesium ions to soften water, drink straight terminal allows water to reach the filter criteria to drink, the central TREATMENT mature standards, using a central processing system will reach the water purification throughout the water.

After the above detailed description, weI think water purifier in the end there is no use of it? I believe you already have in mind the answer.