Elton- how long water purifier filter replacement


[Network] China purifier cartridge is a water purifier "heart." Water purifier can purify water, to ensure the health and hygiene water daily. Water purifier has been able to quickly purify water and water purification filters inseparable, different filter determines the water purifier purification, it can be said filter is one of the core components of water purifier.

The water purification needs, into a wide variety of water purification filters, water purification filters each slightly different function. "Why do water purifier to replace the filter? Is there not to change the filter water purifier it?" This is new to the water purifier friends often ask questions. Here we must first understand the principles of water purification works.

In general, a complete water purification cartridge are made having different functions thereof. "Good core side has good water", but some water purifier sales, in order to meet some consumers "are willing to spend money to buy a water filter, change the filter is not willing to spend money" mentality, deliberately exaggerated, declared: life without change the filter, it is irresponsible!


as a core component filter water purifier water purification, after a period of time be sure to replace some businesses that can filter 3--5 years do not change the argument is purely flicker consumers, known filter can last a lifetime without replacement of more is not there. Different materials after long-term use of the filter will absorb large amounts of impurities, if not replaced, it will breed a lot of bacteria, damage water quality, harm people's health.

filter cycle difference

(1) PP cotton filter: mainly used to remove sediment, rust and other impurities in large particles, pre-carbon filter mainly used for adsorption of iso color, odor, chlorine, etc., generally used for the period of 3-6 months.


(2) membrane filter: the water is mainly used to remove bacteria, colloids and other organic molecules, is generally used for cycle 1--2 years.


(3) RO membrane filter: used primarily to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic compounds and inorganic salts in water, is generally used for the lifetime of 2--3 years


(5) sintered activated carbon: chlorine, and organics may be removed, chloroform, water odor in water, since the use of the principle of adsorption can not be sewage, after a long time, the amount of assimilative decreased general life of 12-18 months.

(6) Compression carbon filter: adsorption of chlorine, color, odor, organic matter, heavy metals and particulate contaminants, discharge is not performed, the general life of 12-18 months.

(7) granular activated carbon filter: the removal of organic matter in water, chlorine, heterochromatic and adsorption of heavy metals that improve taste, generally a period of 9-12 months use.