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Popular who in the world, Tiancheng air to water heater business management popular who in the world, the art of war Tiancheng Road, air to water heater business management goes: "Where the cutting country road, hearts and minds, is under siege; as wins on the heart, Bing wins to the next. Therefore in the country Gongdi preserves saint also, serving his earlier works heart. "Although this method is derived from the battlefield but for today's competitive air to water heater market, no doubt a great trick of defeating the enemy of the law. In the current global promotion of energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics of air to water heaters can be said to be the most competitive products. But from the current share of air to water heater market point of view, it is not very optimistic, and therefore the responsibility of air companies to fulfill the more significant, its sales will also depend on consumer confidence in their brands. Tiancheng air integrity management as air to the industry leader, Tiancheng air to pay more attention to consumer experience, has over the years developed a number of differentiated products according to the different needs of consumers. From R & D to break the air heaters can not be based in the northern market of ultra low temperature machine snow days, ice days, apocalypse, day center and other commercial heat pump, to the new elite, Blue Shield, fine, colorful series of domestic heat pump, and provide consumers with a variety of opportunities for choice. Meanwhile, to improve the user experience, Tiancheng air is also under the foot work on the construction of service system. In 2014, Tiancheng air officially launched the "six hours service circle", a solemn promise of receiving the customer calls, response within 6 hours, the shortest time for users to solve the problem, is to win the hearts of consumers. 2014 air industry brand event, the Tiancheng air can be named the "top ten leading brands" and "top ten best-selling brand," also proved that Tiancheng air "hearts and minds strategy" to succeed. This expert believes that popular who in the world, the power of consumers is immeasurable, only really for users to consider the enterprise in order to win the trust of users, in order to continue to expand the user base.