Internet entity under the impact of the tide water purifier sales way out


According to statistics, sales of water purifiers on the Internet accounted for more than 45%, as well as the rapid rise in the current trend. Dealers are still selling water purifiers kitchen single product, but also to maintain the current profit of 1,000 yuan is very good, but dealers have been able to feel the impact of the Internet. Water purification products through Internet sales statistics, most of the water purifier kitchen or in a single product-based, which is why the water purifier market more and more fire, and dealers are feeling more and more difficult to do business reasons. From the sales point of view, on the Internet also expand sales of water purifiers single product, in the foreseeable period, dealers will be more sad days, and the profits will be further compressed.

互联网大潮冲击下 实体净水器的销售出路何在

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The first step in sales is the most important thing is location, stage of the dealers are also facing re-positioning select: a single product is made mainly water purification, will certainly do the electricity supplier, electricity supplier and is characterized by not only the first second. Tencent micro letter and Ali's dealings as an example, although dealings accumulated 20 million users, but did not do the first, did not want to do first, had to be abandoned.

while selecting kitchen water purifier dealers do a single product, it is bound to do the most, at least a second or tenth, otherwise it will be meaningless. Then the water purifier dealers may also have a second choice, distributors and online continue to do electronic business to compete. We found that the impact on the electricity suppliers decoration company is relatively small, because the decoration is a complex system, analysis of the law can be found, the more essential service, design and construction of the system, the greater the advantage of the dealer.

Therefore, dealers must, from the kitchen water a single product, the water system, home improvement, home comfort system to transfer water purification systems to the kitchen, take advantage of the Internet to compete with the electricity supplier.

because of differences in water quality in the country, there will be water hardness in some areas; in some areas the water taste difference; in some places the problem of higher turbidity. Agents often based on their own proxy products to sell products, rather than the local water quality data, for example: in areas of high water hardness, RO machine sales, good results, customer satisfaction is high, such as the United States, Qin Park, Angel; water hardness is not high, the water taste bad, smell hit areas, Baokang, 3M, Everpure water purifier sales satisfaction is high; therefore, the water quality in different regions,To use a different water purification equipment to treat water, consumer product adaptation and satisfaction is high.

water purifier market many brands, all types of water purifiers will appear a lot of similar brand, are manifold. These unknown brand to rely on price war, resulting in operating high-end brand dealers are getting lower and lower profits. Coupled with the impact of the electricity supplier, the popularity of the Internet and the rapid development of online shopping, consumers buy the product before, you can check online prices of related products, and then to the line to kill the fierce price at the store to buy, and the resulting price transparent so that the dealer is very distressed.

First, how to solve the problems encountered by the dealer

kitchen water can be divided into:? Pretreatment, end drink straight, heating three modules. The kitchen water from the kitchen to become competitive single product system competition. First, a terminal at any time of sale not only have ultrafiltration machine, but also a water purifier and water purifier (NF machine). Then, through the organic combination of the three modules, to meet customer needs. In this case, ultrafiltration, water purification machines, nanofiltration machine, water machine have been. Kitchen water purification function makes more systematic and diversified, not only to meet the vegetables, cook, but also to meet the drinking, effectively address these problems, thereby improving the satisfaction of the needs of different customers.

Second, how to configure the kitchen water so it three modules, Xiao Bian proposed solutions:

NO.1 pretreatment system: a pre-filter backwash countercurrent

countercurrent backflush filters: before mounted to the main duct, filtered visible impurities, water protect downstream equipment.

System drinking straight end NO. 2: kitchen water

互联网大潮冲击下 实体净水器的销售出路何在

mini-osmotic water purifier: mainly microfiltration plus active coating technology, prolonged contact with water with the activated carbon coating time, than other ordinary purification rate of the activated carbon filter, removal to increased several times over.

miniosmotic pure water (nanofiltration unit): pure water (nanofiltration machine) direction of the film is moving large, no tub, direct supply trend, more and more people while recognizing the importance of trace elements in the human body, the development of nanofiltration water purifier is a meteoric rise, whether it is water or nanofiltration emissions, wastewater has attracted the attention of consumers, invented water supply completely solve the subject of this debate.

NO.3 kitchen heating system: Kitchen water formula

water, hot water, purified water, arbitrary

Po water feedwater advanced stepwise, layer by layer technology heated, ready to provide fresh water temperature; Super strong individual radiation applied foam insulation wall insulation, improved thermal efficiency, saving energy; lead-free hot water tap water at any temperature providing an adjustable covering Kitchen Po function. Water use in the kitchen, is a unique good helper.

Moreover, the product of these three modules may be mutually promotion, such as: buy two get a take, or even buy one get two mode, so that the product becomes a combination of function and diversification . From the pre-processing function and the heating end drink straight features are met. Combination, after an increase in promotional category, features more complete, so that the problem of ill-founded marketing, price transparency, customer satisfaction has increased. Good drinking water demand, water is carried out pre-processing and heating. So unique advantage allows us to get rid of competitors in the marketing of water purification market, come out on top in the water industry.