How to buy pre-filter- Role of the prefilter


prefilter is a more widely used water purification equipment, the whole house water purification system in a first off. So, how pre-filter to buy? What are the pre-filter effect? ??Under together to understand.


how the optional prefilter? The role of the prefilter (picture from the network)

First, the method of the optional prefilter

1, choose patented products

Currently, from the point of view on the market, many ways wash the prefilter along a straight flush or a flush, in fact, no matter what kind, are not flush very clean, very easily left behind a lot of granular stuff, and bring on the future of the normal use of adverse effects, so do not wash under clean conditions, also need to be removed to a pre-filter, and then use a soft brush to clean up, it is more troublesome. The patented device is not the same, each cleaning time, only a relatively short time, but also more thoroughly, do not worry about blocking the filter pores will happen now backflush have more advanced technology, can avoid secondary pollution.

2, select high-precision products

The precision pre-filter is the need to pay attention to see, and now with the continuous advancement of technology, the degree of accuracy continues to improve, for those small the particles also can be washed clean. However, this equipment is often a preliminary purification of water, in order to achieve better quality results, it is the need to install additional water purification equipment. Or by the case of two kinds of several types of equipment used in combination, the effect is often better water purification.

3, pay attention to choose cost-effective products

case of the sale of pre-filter from the current market view, the price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars is high and low, which and mainly brand relationship, and also features products, which are closely related. Nature is not the same price, product quality, etc. are different. But now this product has been more popular, the price is relatively transparent, and user selection of the time, a thousand dollars can buy a good product.

Second, the role of the prefilter

1, prefilter solution secondary pollution duct

water supply pipe

in the old city and long, rust conduitEtching, sand and other impurities and water will not only cause water tan control equipment failure. Filtration accuracy of 5-100 micron prefilter, filter the naked eye may be impurities such as sediment impurities, rust, floating, etc., greatly extending the life of the subsequent device. Prefilter typically installed behind the meter, the main role is to restore normal tap water before shipment to protect downstream equipment.

2, pre-filter can soften water to prevent scale, to prevent corrosion

scale speak for all consumers are not familiar with, the main component of scale formed calcium, magnesium composition , water heaters, gas water heaters, water boilers water heater fouling will cause corrosion, pre-filter in combination with a carbonate of calcium and magnesium ions of silver can be prevented, so as to function inhibitors, and can be formed in the state of the inner wall of the tank nanoscale protective film, and acts to prevent corrosion of the inner container wall and the pipe repair action.

3. The pre-filter can be used as a water purifier front preprocessor

General purifier currently used PP cotton preprocessor are used, the filtration precision is known It is between 1-50 microns. The main filter is to extend the service life of the rear, and by the presence of the high frequency of replacement of the filter backwash can not be achieved, which function is substituted by prefilter trend.

The above content is related presentations on the role of the pre-filter and an optional method, hope to help you understand the prefilter Oh!