Some common problems encountered when using the water purifier how to do

Some common problems encountered when using a water purifier water purifier how to do this year and going into the household, solve the water problem, many people have opted for a water purifier. We all want to buy a water purifier to solve water quality problems, but in the use of water purifiers there are some encounter some failures, this, most do not know how to do, and everyone together experts to look at the use of net solution fault encountered problems when the water is. Many of them will encounter when using water purifiers look at a few common faults: 1, PE pipes and installation of small connected moss after a long time, there are a lot of people at home and small connected at the PE pipes are mossy, Tim net water purifier equipment, experts say, the reason for this situation is the PE pipe line is too long, resulting in exposure to the sun, there is no installation of casing. It is noted that, preferably not water purifier installed outdoors, water temperature of the water purifier usually be controlled at 5-40 ℃. PE pipe as small and so not suitable for communication with exposure to the sun. 2, install water purifiers water purification effect is not good, there is a certain requirement for water, the water needs for municipal tap water, if the water does not meet the requirements of water quality, water purification effect can cause a bad phenomenon. Where the use of groundwater as a source of water, the older residential areas, water pipe or galvanized pipe before, because of the time too long, galvanized pipe is aging, rusty, muddy water. In this water quality conditions encountered, it is recommended not directly mounted water filter, to remove the source water sand, rust and other coarse filtration method. Otherwise, these are easy to pollution and congestion caused no internal water purifier filter water purification effect or phenomenon of poor 3, leaking joints there are a lot of people say, water purifier water leakage appears after installation, Tim net water purification equipment experts say water leakage may be due to the water pressure caused by too much, you can test the water pressure, in addition to probably caused by improper operation, such as tape, plugs, connectors pad ring is complete and so will Shang Hao lead to water leakage. In fact, the use of any appliances will have no shortage of various failures problems, experts warned that, if found home water purifier fails, you can first home total water valve is closed, then contact the service department for processing, do not handle their own!