Water purifier market demand in the future will be more broad popularity


exacerbated by water pollution to human life brought endless trouble, but also to promote the the birth and development of water purification industry. Over the past few years, step by step of human exploration, seeking the safest and most healthy way of drinking water, water purifier will undoubtedly appear to humans brought the gospel. At present, my country's water purifier market penetration is low, I believe that with the change of people's awareness of drinking water, the future of water purifier penetration rate will get greatly improved.

the next few years, the market capacity of healthy drinking water needs of the community each year nearly 500 billion yuan, the annual demand for water treatment scale up to 500 billion yuan. Ten Years' home water purifier manufacturer more is growing at an unprecedented rate.


water purifier market demand in the future will be more broad popular

of the water purifier market still has great potential for development. With some environmental pollution, water pollution China increasing, present, China's water purifier appliance market penetration of 5% -20%, while the foreign penetration rate of over 70%, therefore, with the changes of people's consumption and environmental awareness improve the health requirements, water purifier in China will become more popular. In addition, the region has been part of the city now people have begun to recognize the installation and use of water purifiers, and small cities and rural areas do not have this basic concept. In the future, once the small cities and rural market is gradually being opened, it will bring huge market cake. Therefore, the overall view, my country Water Purifier development space is still very large. Because of this, the water purification industry is attracting more and more brands and entrepreneurs attention.

At the same time, in front of a huge electrical appliances market, a lot of problems began. Brand water purifier price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, dazzling, real to the enemy. Many brands of cartridges and some labeled only in English, some only manufacturer logo, name and address so no. Many non-standard small factories disrupted the order of the water industry, driving up the price of water purifiers. Data show that currently my country has more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers undocumented "black workshop" or OEM business. These problems largely because of water purifier relevant standards development is lagging behind, bring the lack of supervision.